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Things Naturopath Doesn't Do


          Classical Naturopaths do not give injections, draw blood, or perform surgeries of any type. If the naturopath is licensed in a field such as Chiropractic, they may combine their treatment modalities with naturopathic principles.

Exceptions: It is not uncommon for medical doctors to integrate naturopathic procedures and modalities with conventional (allopathic) medicine. Medical doctors prefer to advertise their services through terms such as “complementary medicine” or “integrative medicine.” In this context, invasive procedures may be performed according to the mindset of the physician and the needs of the patient.


    Although Naturopaths do not diagnose diseases, they may perform evaluations and analyses to determine the root cause of health disorders.


    Naturopaths do not treat disease, as their priority is on achieving health and providing health education (Health Educator) to the client. In turn, the client will have the necessary knowledge to create and maintain an internal as well as external environment that is conducive and supportive of good health.

  • PRESCRIBE DRUGS AND PHARMACEUTICALS Naturopaths do not prescribe. A Naturopath will provide consultation and instruction to their clients regarding the use of naturopathic remedies, proper nutrition, herbs, vitamins and mineral supplementation, exercise, hydrotherapy, and other alternative modalities. The clients will then be able to make choices on their own, thus gaining a role in their own abilities to achieve a healthy state.